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Face masks that keep you protected
3 ply disposable facemasks. Made in Australia.
Toilet Paper also now available
In stock and ready for delivery- Embossed 2 ply - 400 sheets
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   100% Australian owned and operated

Box of 50
Single Use
Disposable Face Masks

Oz Manufacturing is a 100% Australian owned and operated company with the importance of producing quality 3 ply layer masks here in Australia from start to finish.

Oz Manufacturing has best practice ISO Certification with ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 45001 Safety. This is to ensure that our customers have confidence in our business.

Buy with confidence online or call directly and speak to our friendly staff based here in Sydney to place an order. We deliver to your door directly.

Always follow the correct procedure to ensure your mask fits correctly and, dispose your masks in a bin to help our environment.


Get a quote for corporate or bulk purchases here. Or call 1800 OZ MADE.
face mask
australian made face masks

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50 Mask Bag
bag of face masks

$19.00 +GST
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10 Mask Bag
bag of face masks

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10 Mask Box
box face masks

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50 Mask Box
box of face masks

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Carton of 20 Pack Hand Towels
paper towels

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Material: Wood Pulp
Sheet Size: 23x23 cm
Folding Size: 23x7.8 cm
Pack Size: 23x7.8x12 cm
Carton of 48 Toilet Paper Rolls
toilet paper

$38.40 +GST
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Material: 100% Wood Pulp
Size: 10 x 10 cm
Sheet: 400 Sheets Layer / Gram: 2ply, 15gsm
Embossing: Tuli

  1800 OZ MADE

Or call one of our Sales Executives:

Tony Poulous: 0455 745 726


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Made in Australia
3 ply disposable facemask helps prevents against air-borne particles
Elastic Ear Loops
Single Use Only
Delivered to your door


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2. How do I know my mask fits correctly?
3. How long does delivery take?
4. Where do you ship to?
5. How to dispose of the mask after use?
6. What is the shelf life of a single use disposable face mask?
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